Weekly Post


So I checked up on Daniel this week to see how he was getting on with Don’t Know Why but he’s told me hasn’t had the time to practice the piece. I’m seriously hoping that he can pull through with this piece, otherwise I’ll have to get Carol to accompany me. That isn’t so much a bad thing but it would be nice to perform with my classmates ya know? I’ve not spoken to Finlay this week but the exact same goes for him.

I’ve been putting most of my focus on Jolene as that’s the song I feel the least confident with. It’s probably causing me the most stress and frustration. I think regardless of how much time or effort I put into this song I’ll never be happy with how it sounds.

I’m beginning to get a lot more comfortable with Don’t Know Why. Before, I would’ve said that it’s the song I was the least confident with but now it’s the song I’m the most confident with.

Half the World Away is about 50/50. It could go either way on the night of the actual performance. I’m a little uncomfortable in the higher parts of the song but I’m just hoping everything goes well.

Fighting!!~ ✨✨


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