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Final Rehearsal and Post Event Evaluation.

Final rehearsals were held yesterday on Wednesday 7th of December. Myself, along with Bobby and Carol rehearsed Jolene, Don’t Know Why and Half the World Away. Originally Finlay was supposed to accompany me for Half the World Away but that fell through, so I had to rely on Carol instead. Because it was a last-minute decision we rehearsed the song a few times as we didn’t have much practice prior to the performance night. Since there were several pages of sheet music for Don’t Know Why and Half the World Away, Carol decided to print out the lyrics as it would be easier for her to follow (and that having that many pages is unnecessary). Bobby and I rehearsed Jolene once through. He asked me later on during rehearsals if I wanted to run through the song once more; by that point I had adopted a ‘stuff it I’ll just go all out on stage’ style of thinking.
I felt like the performance went better than I had expected but I still wasn’t overly happy with how I performed. My voice was a bit wobbly in the higher notes in Half the World Away due to nerves and I hit a few bum notes, however, it wasn’t something totally noticeable and I don’t think it took away from my performance. I was told during rehearsals that I was moving my arm too much which took away the sincerity and intimacy of the songs, so I tried to bear that in mind for the live performance but I can’t remember if I toned it down any. That was the case particularly for Jolene.

I don’t feel like I could’ve done much better with my performance other than being able to convey the emotion and sincerity of the songs to the audience – which is a core aspect of being able to perform well. That being said, I feel like I conveyed the emotion(s) of Don’t Know Why very well.

I personally didn’t encounter any problems that hindered my performance. The only thing that could’ve been a problem is that Carol might not have been able to accompany me. Even if she was unable to play I have backing tracks to support me, but the a major point of this event is that the music is played/sung live. A live instrument conveys a completely different feeling to a backing track.


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