Weekly Post

Post Event Evaluation.

Shambles. Utter shambles.

For the past week, say week and a half, my throat was in a terrible condition. Come the time of the assessment I was barely able to sing – in fact, I had to cut my assessment short because I couldn’t handle it anymore. Torn was definitely the worst on my voice due to the way I had sung it and although it sits around the same range as Mercy, I found Mercy a lot easier to sing even though it requires more power. I found that Beautiful is sort of a middle ground – it was pretty easy on my voice but it required quite a bit of power during the chorus.

During the assessment, Torn was the only piece I sang with a live accompaniment. For Mercy and Beautiful I used backing tracks. With the backing tracks I found myself feeling like I was singing off-key, whereas with Torn (even though it was a huge strain on my voice) I felt more comfortable singing along to Bobby’s acoustic.

In the end, I had failed the initial assessment and had to do a resit during the student – which I had passed.


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