About me.


My name is Shannon. I’m an 18 year old music student from Shetland. Currently I am studying a HNC Music course at the Shetland College. I will be finishing the course at the end of May this year and would like to then move on to studying a BA in Music. Before that however, I am planning to take a gap year and start full-time work at my current job. My main instruments are vocals and piano but in high school I had touched on marimba and guitar aswell.

My hobbies.

Most of my time is spent watching Korean variety shows and TV dramas and wasting my days away listening to music. I used to be a very proactive child as I had spent several years doing gymnastics and trampolining. I do the odd activity as well whilst I’m away on holiday such as coasteering, canoeing and parasailing.


I used to sing in the school choir back when I was around 10 years-old but I don’t really have much in the way of experience as I’m still just a ‘youngling’. However, saying that, I have performed at several parties (private and public) for friends and at two student nights during the college year. There was also a time where I performed with a singing group at an old folks home but the seniors seemed a little.. tired.



Future goals.

My dream job is to become a cruise ship singer as I would like to someday travel the world whilst working in a profession that I love. Although, my kind of performance style would lean more towards classy jazz rather than extravagant showboat.