Live Performance

Natalie Imbruglia – “Torn”.

This is my live performance cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”.


Mozart Submission.

Core Unit: Music Theory.

Outcome: One – identify note values, keys, scales and rhythmic groupings.

                    Three – identify form/structure and performance directions.

Core Unit: Composition.

Outcome: One – display technical understanding and competence in a range of compositional techniques.

                    Three – compose music demonstrating creativity and appropriate technical proficiency in a musical genre.

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S.W.O.T. Analysis.

Core Unit: Working in the Creative Industries.

Outcome: Two – demonstrate a broad knowledge of the concepts of the commercial, legal and financial issues involved in employment in the Creative Industries.

                    Three – outline and develop a strategic plan for personal career development.

This S.W.O.T. analysis shows that I have taken into consideration my strengths and weaknesses which will be useful to me in my marketing strategy. The S.W.O.T. also demonstrates that I have done a self-assessment and self-evaluation which will help me with target and goal setting.

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Professional Practice for Musicians Outcome 2 – assignment.

Core Unit: Professional Practice for Musicians.

Outcome: Two – describe the key obligations and requirements for the performing musician in relation to personal taxation and National Insurance.

This assignment shows that I understand legitimate business expenditures in relation to being a performing musician, the mandatory requirement for maintaining records and the period for archived records and the key obligations and requirements in relation to personal taxation and National Insurance.

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Weekly Post


  • This week I uploaded several assignments and worksheets which I had mentioned in my planning stage report. In each post I wrote which core unit and outcome the piece of work is from and a sentence or two explaining why I had chosen to upload that piece of work and included an example photo plus a link to the original document.
  • I uploaded an original composition as proof that I am able to create and compose an original piece of music.
  • I uploaded the Mozart submission as it relates to the music theory unit and the composition unit.
  • I have also tweaked my portfolio website to include different menus/sections in hopes of making it easier to navigate the site.
  • I had to consult several articles on how copyright works on Youtube and Soundcloud and also on how to use these two websites as well as WordPress.

Working in the Creative Industries Outcome 1 – assignment 1.

Core Unit: Working in the Creative Industries.

Outcome: One – investigate skills required to develop a career in the Creative Industries.

This assignment shows that I have evaluated and reviewed my experiences and how I could learn from them to improve and benefit my professional career.

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